Accommodation Southern Bohemia

Cottage ANNA, Pribraz

Terms and Conditions

  1. Weekly rentals start on Saturdays between 15:00-17:00. The number of people in your party is pre-agreed and cannot increase with permission. During your stay, you must comply with the building's regulation (provided on arrival).
  2. The client is obliged to pay a deposit of EUR 84. (=2.000, - CZK), which will be refunded after your departure.
  3. Client is responsible for any damage to the property, including all indoor equipment and facilities. Client must read the terms and conditions on arrival, and return everything undamaged. In the event of any damage, client agrees to pay immediately in full.
  4. Checkout time is Saturday 12:00.
  5. In the event of a breach of terms and conditions, Landlord is entitled to terminate the client's residence without any financial compensation.


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